The causes, symptoms, and treatments for sinus infections

Millions of people suffer from sinus infections every year. Often, these infections will go away on their own but for many, this isn’t always the case.

Sinus infections can become recurring, meaning that they constantly come back throughout the year. Chronic or recurring sinus infections often have an underlying cause that we can treat at Middle Tennessee ENT Sinus & Allergy. 

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The causes of sinus infections

When the tissues in your sinuses become inflamed it’s difficult for mucus to leave the nose. This allows time for the viruses and bacteria in your mucus to multiply causing an infection.

Conditions that regularly cause the sinuses to become inflamed or blocked can lead to an increase in infections.

The main causes of sinus infections include

  • Allergies - lead to swelling of the sinuses, blocking mucus from draining and causing infections.
  • Nasal polyps – these are tissues in the nose that can also cause blockages and an increased infection rate.
  • Deviated septum - when the septum (the cartilage dividing both nostrils) is leaning to one side it can cause a blockage in the nose.
  • Underlying conditions - conditions like cystic fibrosis make it difficult for mucus to drain, allowing viruses and bacteria to multiply.
  • Respiratory infections - the common cold and other illnesses can lead to further infection. Inhalants like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold, and fungus.
  • Viruses - several viruses, like the flu, are widely contagious and quickly cause an infection.
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The symptoms of sinus infections

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Overcoming chronic sinus infections

If you’ve been suffering from chronic sinus infections that seem to come back no matter what treatment you try, it’s likely you believe that nothing can help.

However, at Middle Tennessee ENT Sinus & Allergy, we help patients just like you find lasting relief every single day.

We work closely with our patients to uncover the underlying cause of their issues rather than just covering up the symptoms.

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Customized treatment plans

We develop customized treatment plans for our patients’ specific needs and overall goals. Our mission is to utilize the best treatment options to give our patients the longest-lasting relief possible.

Common treatments include:

home remedies for sinus infections

Home remedies

Most people start by trying out home remedies, but for people with chronic sinus infections, home remedies don’t usually get rid of the pain for long. Some common home remedies are humidifiers and nasal rinses.

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Cold and sinus medication are usually the next step in the patient’s journey but, like home remedies, they likely aren’t going to do the trick for someone with chronic sinus pain.

Also, antibiotics are normally only helpful for sinus infections caused by bacteria.

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Sinus surgery

Sinus surgery can be useful when trying to provide long-term relief to a patient with chronic sinus infections. However, there are better, less invasive options. Sinus surgery may be considered if you’re suffering from something like a deviated septum. There are now better alternatives to sinus surgery, such as Balloon Sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is a safe procedure performed right in the comfort of our office. It’s minimally invasive and doesn’t involve cutting or removal of bones and tissue.

Balloon Sinuplasty gets to the root of your issue by gently opening the sinuses, allowing you to breathe better on the same day as the procedure. Most people get back to normal activity within 24 hours.

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