Your runny nose, sneezing, and congestion may be chronic rhinitis

You're constantly suffering from irritating symptoms. Symptoms like:

You know these symptoms all too well

The annoying symptoms associated with rhinitis aren’t necessarily “painful,” but they cause fatigue and have you constantly looking for a solution.

However, medication and home remedies don’t give you the lasting relief you want.

Middle Tennessee ENT Sinus & Allergy can help.

chronic rhinitis

Long-Term rhinitis treatments

ClariFix® can reduce the symptoms of chronic rhinitis

ClariFix® targets the overactive nerves in the nose responsible for chronic rhinitis using cryotherapy. The device delivers targeted cold temperatures to the nerves to reduce the symptoms.

Four out of five people are happy with the results and the treatment is performed right in the comfort of our office.

ClariFix® FAQs

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How long will it take my symptoms to improve?
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Can I feel the treatment?
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What are the side effects?
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How long does treatment take?

RhinAer® uses radio waves to treat rhinitis

Like ClariFix®, RhinAer® helps treat rhinitis by blocking the irritated nerves causing the symptoms. However, it uses radio waves rather than cryotherapy.

It doesn’t involve surgery, cutting, or removal of bones or tissues. The treatment is also performed right in the comfort of our office and has a short recovery period.

Get relief from your chronic rhinitis

Are you constantly carrying around tissues? Are you always sneezing and congested? It’s time to get relief from your chronic rhinitis.