Allergy testing at Middle Tennessee ENT Sinus & Allergy

Allergies get in the way of life and cause fatigue. They often make people feel like they can’t find relief, but the truth is, they just haven’t found the right guide.

At Middle Tennessee ENT Sinus & Allergy, we often guide our patients through the testing and treatment process to bring them long-term relief from allergy pain.

How bad are my allergy symptoms?

The allergy testing process

Allergy testing is specialized to determine which allergens are affecting you and how severe your reactions are. Some common allergens that we test for include mold, pet dander, food, and pollen. Our tests are given by ENT professionals and often include either a skin prick or blood test.

Skin prick test

During the skin prick test, you are “pricked” with up to 40 allergens at once. Although it’s called a skin prick test, our patients often describe it as a fingernail scratch sensation. We will be able to determine your allergens by the way your skin reacts.

Blood test

A blood test may be administered when someone is suffering from a severe allergy or taking medication that will interfere with a skin prick test. During a blood test, blood is drawn and then exposed to allergens to see how severe the reaction is.

The importance of having allergy testing done at your ENT’s office 

Recently, there has been an increase in allergy testing clinics. However, it is important to have your testing done at an ENT office rather than one of these clinics.

At an ENT office, you will undergo a series of tests to determine if your allergies are the only underlying cause of your sinus pain. You may not get this at an allergy testing facility.

Our full comprehensive allergy exams may include any of the following:

Having your allergies tested involves more than the test

It’s time to get a completely comprehensive allergy test and sinus exam. Schedule today to get relief from your painful symptoms.